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Admission Fees

Welcome to trainsrcool.com!  On the following pages you will find listings of model train displays that are open throughout the Christmas holiday season as well as others that are open all year.  

You will also find listings for tourist railroads, train/streetcar museums, and assorted other railroad related sites.  


Many of the Christmas displays operate solely off of the donations from their visitors. Every little bit helps to keep these displays up and running from year to year.

Many others do have an admission fee. I have listed them wherever possible, however, it is always good to confirm any fees before your visit. 

I would like to express my gratitude to a long time friend and fan of the site, Don Myers.  Don's famous Christmas display has made the list for many years and is definitely worth the trip to Edgewood!  In addition to an assortment of trains running in his yard, he also builds some of the most spectacular roller coasters with K'nex building systems.  Thank you, Don for helping to make this site possible through your donation and for everything you do to make the holidays memorable!  

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