Welcome to trainsrcool.com!  On the following pages you will find listings for model train displays that are open to the public during the Christmas Holiday season.  There are also listings for model railroad clubs, tourist railroads and railroad museums that are open throughout the year.  

Who's running this circus

Who's running this circus?  Well.... that would be me. Married to the love of my life and dad of 3 great kids!  This site has been in the works for the last 10 years or better. It all started out at the train club that I had been involved with in Sykesville, Md.  Many open houses and many hours telling visitors about other Christmas train layouts in the area. That lead to what would become a 4 page print out listing the displays. When I reached the point where I could no longer fit all of the listings on those 4 pages, it became obvious that a website would be necessary. After a few years of doing this the cheap way, I found that I had outgrown what that site could do. AND HERE WE ARE!!

How can I help? 

While I do love maintaining this site, It does have its' challenges.  First there is the gathering of schedules.  If any of you know of the addresses, dates, and times of various displays, please pass them along and I will include them on the site.  I can be reached via the contact page, any of my 3 facebook pages (this one, my personal page or the signature photos by Chris page).  

Second there is the cost of keeping this project on its' feet.  Currently it is $300 per year.  If any of you want to contribute toward the operating costs, please contact me via one of the aforementioned ways.  

UPDATE:  I just received notice that the cost for the next year has gone up to $324 for the year. If any of you feel led to help out with this cost, please contact me.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  If you have a business and would like to fully  sponsor the site for the next year, I will be happy to plaster you logo and info throughout the website!  ALL donations to the site will be acknowledged on the site!